February 27, 2021

London has the highest CCTV coverage compared to most metropolises in the world. It is estimated that we can spot the average person on CCTV over 70 times per day. Maintaining surveillance in high footfall areas acts as a deterrent for prevention and tool for resolution of crime. Mumbai city currently has about 5,300 government-owned CCTV’s in its network and is scheduled to add more. In addition, Mumbai Police wants to integrate its existing CCTV network with private and commercial stakeholders across the city to ensure the streets of Mumbai are safe. Therefore, under Section 144, CPC the Mumbai police have ordered all private ...

The Beautiful Game of Soccer & Sales – An Intriguing Take

June 18, 2020

I have been since time memorial mesmerized by the game of soccer. It's such a thrilling experience watching a fast paced, action packed soccer game. In almost 90 minutes flat while watching the game, one can enjoy the game and also pick up so many valuable lessons in Sales Management. There are several common touch points that the game and sales per se share in common; it's absolutely enticing...

Impact of Covid-19 on Security Industry

June 18, 2020

The mega C (Covid-19) has started showing its devastating impact on most of the profitable sectors and industries from Airlines to Hospitality, Infrastructure to Real Estate, Retail to Tourism, SME and SMB!The tsunami effect is expected to cause an all round economic destruction, the likes of it never seen in history before. It is estimated that the global unemployment scenario is looking bleaker by the day. In the United States more that 700,000 lac jobs have been lost in the last three months and still counting! India too is expected to face a similar situation.Dark times are looming large across the world.

Fret, Fume Or Fly: COVID-19 Is Here To Stay

June 18, 2020

As the COVID -19 pandemic continues spreading across the globe, it has brought together the world of the unknown and a flurry of uncertainties. Its apparent now, the whole universe is in the state of unprecedented crisis; the magnitude and scale never ever witnessed in the history of mankind.

Covid – 19: Enterprise Security to undergo Sea Change

June 18, 2020

The lift door opens and Ms. Rhea D’Souza and her boss move together towards the office main door. The boss fling opens the main door and keeps his finger on the Biometric Access Control Time and Attendance Reader to gain entry into the office. Ms. Rhea is now skeptical to keep her finger on the same device. She uses the hand sanitizer kept at the office reception, cleans the biosensor and then registers her biometric attendance. Enter to the new world of “Zero Trust Security” which may well be the future at most enterprises across India. The complete paradigm of safety and security in offices is all set to change forever.

AI in Security

April 15, 2020

Self driving cars and personalized advertising are the most popular applications of AI. Everyone has different opinions on how these impactful changes will have on our everyday lives; it has been a topic of many dinner table debates. However, this wonderful technology is being adapted for more serious applications such as security as well.