Biggest Benefits of CCTV Cameras In Societies

October 21, 2021
What are the benefits of CCTV cameras in society premises? Yes, you may have this question coming up as a pertinent thing. However, it should be mentioned that there are innumerable advantages arising from the installation of CCTV cameras in any building society. Whenever we perceive something like the security of any housing unit, we naturally think of security personnel on duty at the entrance.However, things are changing these days and technology has helped us minimize issues arising due to natural human errors or lapses. Here’s taking a look at the key benefits of installing CCTV cameras in any society even when there are physical security personnel present. This not only guarantees peace of mind but also offers more security to all residents.Why install CCTV cameras? The benefits of CCTV camera at homes or society premises include the following:
  • Functioning as Deterrents- Any outdoor CCTV camera will naturally function as a major deterrent. If any potential trouble-creator or vandal enters the compound of the society and views the CCTV camera, then automatically he/she will be deterred from any potentially harmful or wrongful act. CCTV cameras automatically lower the incidence of wrongful activities through instilling this fear in the minds of troublemakers.
  • Visitor Tracking- Once any visitor enters the society premises, guards can naturally track his/her movements until they get into the apartment building. How about the CCTV camera doing the same job without any hassles? At the same time, CCTV cameras in the common areas and landings make sure that people are going to their destinations without lying or deceiving watchmen.
  • Track Infected Stray Animals- Sick cats and dogs often take shelter in the premises of the society. If any of them bite a resident of the society, it may lead to a medical crisis of sorts. A society which has CCTV cameras will automatically be able to track the entire area, keeping an eye on stray animals. This will help building personnel ensure that they receive suitable treatment.
  • Door Tracking- CCTV cameras are not that costly in today’s times. The biggest advantage is that numerous cameras can be installed throughout any housing society. A camera should be installed at the entrance or doorway to every apartment along with cameras covering entire floors. People can thus remotely check visitors before opening the door. This will naturally lower instances of theft, crime and fraud.
  • Tracking Children- With children falling prey to rising crimes against them, it is vital that their safety is ensured. Whenever children play in the compounds of their societies or wait for school transport to pick them up from home, there are always risks in stores. CCTV cameras help in keeping a tab on the movements of children within and just outside the society premises. This helps in alerting authorities immediately in case of any suspicious moment or activity.
  • Combating Night Break-Ins- CCTV cameras should be positioned in areas like the lobby, exits, entrances, secluded areas within the compound and so on. The detection mechanisms of the cameras will instantly alert building security personnel and the authorities if anybody attempts to jump over the compound wall, cross it or enter any building after a particular time-frame.
  • Elder Safety- For elderly citizens and seniors who are staying alone, CCTV cameras ensure the highest levels of security. Family members of these residents can readily check live feeds on their mobile smartphones. This will help them ascertain whether their relatives have safely reached or left home and also whether they are fine.
  • Lowering Hacking Possibilities- Since CCTV cameras are connected to a restricted count of output-based devices like mobile phones of society residents, the chances of hacking are naturally lower. In case of any unfortunate incident, you can thus rely on the footage offered by the CCTV camera.

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