How Can AI Benefit Your Security System?

September 29, 2021
There are numerous benefits of AI surveillance that many people often skip, thinking that passive security cameras will function as effective deterrents. But the answer lies in the word itself, i.e. they act only as a deterrent although they only witness and record evidence in case of anything wrong taking place. They cannot prevent any crime at all. This is one scenario that is starting to change rapidly with the increasing contributions of artificial intelligence security systems. Futuristic security systems will be linked via IoT (Internet of Things). This will mean data collection by almost everything including CCTV cameras, lights, door locks and even audio sensors. This data will be scrutinized thereafter via machine learning. AI is what the whole world has woken up to, in the current scenario. It is a swiftly expanding segment of technology which has the potential to usher in major changes to how we operate and it is often named as machine intelligence as compared to NI (natural intelligence) of human beings.Machine learning is already here and so is AI based security systems while you may be possibly interacting with the likes of Alexa, Siri, Nest thermostat or Pandora/Spotify playlists already. AI is not a concept that is new although it really gained momentum with swifter processing speeds of PCs and swifter data collection. Physical security is of importance in this discussion. If you perceive data just as any type of crucial fuel, it is the basic fuel for feeding machine learning in any case. Security systems are fantastic at collecting and aggregating this data that comes from regular exercises. Video sensors and cameras can actually record huge data volumes and this may be analyzed, stored or even used for further advancing machine learning (ML) while making devices and systems even smarter in order to prepare better for the future.Through analysis of this information, your system will steadily keep learning about common activities and habits and once there is a regular operations profile in place, it will manage security procedures in a more effective manner.Top Benefits of AI Surveillance Here’s taking a look at the key benefits of AI surveillance:
  • Video- This enables analysis of things that we view or witness along with identification of specific behavioral practices and patterns. It also enables alerts for personnel.
  • Robots and Drones- UGVs and UAVs take care of continual enforcement of facilities and monitoring alike.
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing) - These systems will have capabilities of understanding what is being said and respond with relevant and intelligent data accordingly.
  • Translation of Speech- Translation into other languages will naturally enable much superior communication at all times.
  • Detecting Anomalies- This harks back to the idea of recognizing patterns. Finding any activity out of the usual pattern and responding with suitable steps is a key feature of these AI based security system
  • Recognizing Specific Activities- This segment includes interpretation of movements of human beings and furnishing necessary responses likewise. Some technologies are already present and are being adapted swiftly across the world.
At the same time, artificial intelligence (AI) will keep learning over a sustained duration. It will use its sizable capabilities for enhancing overall network security while using machine learning and deep learning abilities for learning about behavioral patterns of business networks. It will detect patterns in such networks while clustering them accordingly. Patterns learnt by AI neural networks may help in enhancing future security greatly. Prospective threats with similar attributes as those that have been recorded, may be blocked at an early stage itself. AI also contributes towards identification of threats which are unknown. AI also has the ability to handle voluminous data on the network of a company including sizable traffic, data transfers between customers and businesses and also ensuring safety from any malicious software and individuals.AI helps in detection of threats which come concealed in the garb of regular activities. The automated nature will help it skim across huge portions of traffic and data. Security systems using AI will naturally help in identifying any hidden threats in the maze of incoming traffic. With suitable artificial intelligence security systems, you can manage vulnerability much better, ultimately securing the network of a company in a better manner. As stated previously, any average entity will deal with innumerable threats on a regular basis. It has a prevalent need for identification, detection and prevention of these threats in order to stay completely safe. Analysis and assessment of existing security steps via AI-based research may help greatly with managing vulnerability. AI enables faster system assessment as compared to cyber-security personnel and this increases overall capabilities of solving problems. It helps in prompt identification of weaker points within computer-based systems and other business networks while helping companies emphasize upon vital tasks related to security.Zicom SaaS is the best option for artificial intelligence security systems that take care of varying requirements. Expect solutions like video surveillance where site security is upheld stringently with 24-7 remote monitoring via CCTVs and solutions for keeping any pilferage or theft at bay. You can also expect benefits like regular health checks of the fire alarm system, making sure that it is smoothly functional on a 24-7 basis. Other services include Intruder alarms, video housekeeping, hygiene management, energy management and ATM active deterrence to name a few. These technologies enhance your security system like never before.

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