How does IoT Monitoring Tools Work and Top 5 Tools You Should Know About

September 29, 2021
One of the most widely used IoT devices in recent times are security cameras. Yet, most people do not realize that such cameras have vulnerabilities, i.e. they may be damaged or even stolen. This ironically necessitates security provisions for security cameras- a statement that is as funny as a reality everywhere. Possessing devices that can function automatically will save you time and hassles since you can comfortably leave them to perform tasks that they were meant to perform in the first place! No matter however remotely you lock devices which are unmanned, you still need monitoring tools. This is precisely where you realize the sheer importance of IoT monitoring tools.There are numerous IoT monitoring tools that are popularly used throughout the world. Here are some of the options that you should know more about.
  1. Splunk Industrial for IoT- This is one of those IoT device monitoring tools that are created by a reputed entity. This has a nice interface that comes with interpretations of graphical data, helping you find root causes to issues and solve things that are otherwise hard to spot.
  2. Datadog IoT Monitoring- This is one of the best IoT monitoring platforms that you can choose, an extensive tracker which takes care of majorly all security and performance related issues.
  3. Senseye PdM- Large manufacturing entities usually prefer this particular tool since it has bigger IoT fleets, thereby lowering downtime and overall costs in maintenance greatly.
  4. SkySpark- This is another tool which comes with a highly interactive and fun dashboard which helps in identification and illustration of several problems quite easily.
  5. TeamViewer IoT- This is one of the quality secure remote IoT device monitoring and management tools that are available. You will find that it comes with an easy to use and convenient scripting interface. This also ensures superior process-based automation.
Remote IoT monitoring tools- The lowdown Entities that have servers, desktops and other equipment will automatically understand that they require these solutions for tracking device performance and also the network linking the same. There are numerous monitoring types and these include performance, security systems and usage-based monitoring. IoT devices usually come with a particular capacity and they also have to be checked regularly for making sure that they are functioning at their peak levels. This will ensure that they derive the highest value out of the same. Hiring a specific team for continually tracking your system consoles will be a costly and time-consuming affair. You should consider availing of an automated tracking tool instead for greater practicality and convenience alike.Automated IoT device monitoring tools usually set their own expectations regarding performance and raise alarms whenever any device status crosses over a fine line. This service basically means that there is no requirement for the technology team to closely ponder over the IoT devices continuously. The performance limits are mostly set at a particular level which gives entities more time to address potential issues before they snowball into bigger problems. Support personnel can instead emphasize more on other vital aspects while tackling problems with IoT devices only when the alarm is raised. The idea of allowing monitoring and tracking tools to perform the duties of monitoring equipment performance has worked marvelously for several IT departments that are in charge of managing networks at leading companies and offices.Problems related to device monitoring The main attribute of any IoT device is that it will have its own processor onboard and will be linked to the Internet. Whether the devices are linked to a private network or directly to the Internet, they may be contacted likewise. You do not have to individually visit every equipment piece that you own, for firmware updates. These tasks will be automatically done over the internet by the manufacturer itself. This is a major problem that is solved for business owners.However, there are some serious issues linked to devices that are connected to the internet. Ay equipment which may be altered by the manufacturer or owner via remote commands will have more vulnerability towards hacking. The user name of the system admin and passwords will be created by default whenever firmware gets loaded and the same credentials will be deployed by all the units that are manufactured. IoT device owners should pay closer attention to security requirements and the password on the administrator account should be changed for each and every device. Creating a standard password for each will only throw up a security-based loophole. Of course, if you are managing IoT devices in the thousands, it will be difficult to conjure up unique passwords for each. Hence, this job will require automation tools accordingly.A practical IoT device monitoring solution Zicom SaaS is a great solution for all your IoT monitoring tools and other security-related requirements. IoT based monitoring services include ATM Active Deterrence which always secures assets and Video Surveillance which works round the clock, 24-7 to ensure remote CCTV tracking and combat pilferage and theft alike. This also ensures greater onsite safety for equipment owners. Fire alarm services are available with regular health checks of the system.This ensures safety round the clock without any worries on your part. Attendance tracking systems are also available at Zicom SaaS, ensuring easy biometric attendance and time tracking for scaling up productivity levels. In effect, it functions as a Virtual Security Guard which offers security on a 24-7 basis at a comparatively lower cost, eliminating the errors that human guards are prone to. In fact, if you have to count footfalls, this is the best solution for your needs, enabling better data for business intelligence as well. There are innumerable other IoT-based solutions that may be personalized as per your specific security and other requirements.

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