February 27, 2021

London has the highest CCTV coverage compared to most metropolises in the world. It is estimated that we can spot the average person on CCTV over 70 times per day. Maintaining surveillance in high footfall areas acts as a deterrent for prevention and tool for resolution of crime. Mumbai city currently has about 5,300 government-owned CCTV’s in its network and is scheduled to add more. In addition, Mumbai Police wants to integrate its existing CCTV network with private and commercial stakeholders across the city to ensure the streets of Mumbai are safe. Therefore, under Section 144, CPC the Mumbai police have ordered all private establishments to install CCTVs that cover an area of 50m2 outside their entrance, as well as record and save footage for 15 days.

Private establishments include banks, shops, residential premises, restaurants, etc. Ensuring they have working cameras and record quality footage can also improve community safety and prevent crime. This CCTV footage can be used in court as evidence; to prove someone was in a certain place, that they committed an offence, or even prove innocence in case of false testimonies. CCTV footage of crimes when shared via the news or on social media can help with criminal investigations or appealing to the public for information.

The mandate shall come into force on 9th Jan, 21 and owners have 2 months (up to (9th March 2021) to complete the process of installation. Non compliance will invite legal action. ZICOM – Pioneers in Electronic Security, with over 25 years of experience protecting the nation, has launched 360ᵒ Holistic Security Solutions to protect your home, housing society and neighbourhood.

Under the mission “Make Your City Safe” (MYCS) Zicom currently secures 5000+ housing societies. Its Level 2 security plan offers complimentary CCTV camera covering premises outside the building, as per the new guidelines issued by the police department.

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