What Are Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence Security Systems?

October 12, 2021
The advent of the new-age artificial intelligence security system is a major development in the current scenario. AI (artificial intelligence) is already spearheading the contemporary technology revolution with a wide range of abilities. While there are numerous advantages and disadvantages of AI, you should know that AI-based security systems aim at integrating technological security infrastructure with the intellect of human beings. With artificial intelligence, technology will be able to easily mimic the behavior of humans while also actively tapping into the assimilation of the intellect for enhancing the operational abilities of any system.Cyber security is widely regarded as one of the fields where AI has made a huge difference. This is majorly due to the core theme of AI enabling development for specific algorithms which are tailored to detect cyber threats on a real-time basis while offering responses instantly.Biggest advantages of artificial intelligence based security systems The biggest advantage of tapping into AI (artificial intelligence) in a security system is the inherent capabilities of scalability and overall efficiency that is not achievable only via the functioning of human-based systems. AI also helps in the simplification of identification related procedures along with enabling better responses to security threats and processing alike.On paper at least, AI will help in a more careful approach towards ensuring security while generating better results at the same time. It will completely eliminate errors made by humans while it can also take care of several tasks simultaneously. This includes safeguarding a huge number of systems and devices along with continual tracking. It can also help with the mitigation of major threats in a manner which is not possible with conventional systems for cyber security.Disadvantages of AI- Aspects worth knowingAI (artificial intelligence) does not directly improve due to human-based feedback although some systems are tackling this by integrating ML (machine learning) and human analyst roles alike. While preliminary concerns regarding AI development within cyber security systems are centralized upon concerns relating to the elimination of vital human expertise, judgment, and capabilities, the unpredictability factor is the biggest disadvantage in this case. The future progress of AI is almost impossible to suitably predict and it may be used wrongfully for higher threats to cyber security in the future as well.However, the cyber security segment will considerably benefit from the application of artificial intelligence (AI). Yet, a careful approach should be adopted by analysts. They should only use AI as a necessary tool instead of giving it the upper hand.

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