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  • IAAS Model for
    Command & Control Centre
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  • Data Extraction of
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  • AI based Video Surveillance
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IAAS Model for
Command & Control Centre

industry BFSI

location Pan India

problem Confidential Monitoring of Branch & Vault

solution provider Zicom SaaS Pvt. Ltd.

services Infrastructure as a Service

Zicom enjoys the privilege of being the first in the security Industry to provide IAAS – Infrastructure as a Service to a leading Private sector bank in India. This Bank has over 1000 branches PAN India and is recognized for its robust Digital Security for Customer transactions.

After years of experience and investment in state-of-the-art technology, Zicom – pioneers in electronic security have launched innovative electronic security solutions like SaaS – Security as a Service, IoT & AI-enabled security services. As a part of this series of innovation Zicom recently launched IAAS – Infrastructure as a Service.

Since BFSI clients desire the highest level of data confidentiality & privacy where security is concerned, the recently launched IAAS – Infrastructure as a Service by Zicom proves to be the perfect solution.

Bank branch deals with a lot of confidential transactions like gold, cash, loans, deposits, etc, naturally, customers of which few may be HNI would expect the bank to provide the highest level of privacy and security for these transactions.

As security is not their domain of expertise, Banks prefer to out-source the entire security to the third party with requisite domain knowledge. However, the bank is unsure about third party CMS to provide the desired level of data security as they cater to multiple banks who are their competitors

To achieve the above objective banks have 2 options, one is to set-up a captive monitoring station within their premises and second is to outsource it to professionals who would guarantee the desired level of data security & privacy for their customer data

Bank finds it expensive to set-up a captive monitoring station within their premises bank finds whereas the out-sourcing is the perfect solution for the current issues.

As Zicom is the security partner for this private bank for over a decade this Confidential Monitoring of Branch & Vault issue was first discussed with Zicom. Zicom team brainstormed to find an appropriate solution to this need and the IAAS was conceptualized. Within its Command & Control Centre located at Chandivali, Zicom has redesigned its layout and infrastructure to cater to this new service of IAAS to meet the security needs of BFSI customers.

Multiple Captive Command & Control Centers are carved out within the premises of which one was assigned to this Banking Customer. This place is enclosed and is secured with access control & CCTV for surveillance of the monitoring operations internally. Dedicated infrastructure including servers, video walls, monitors, software, networks, etc is provided exclusively for this Bank.

It is operated and manned by Zicom Safety Officers who are professionally trained and equipped to manage and respond to security alerts from the banking vertical. The recruitment process for Safety officers is robust which includes stringent background checks by accredited professional agencies. The officers undergo hand-on training for a month before they are aligned to a specific client.

No cell phones or external storage devices are permitted in Captive Command Centre, a dedicated landline is provided to connect the Team with the client & service providers.

Redundancy for data and video has been built into this solution to avoid any data loss or on account of any breakdowns or failures. Zicom conducts regular audits and reports are submitted to the client.

IAAS service provided by Zicom has proved to be highly cost-effective as this has saved 40% of costs to the Bank that would have invested in setting up their own Command & Control Centre.

  • Bank benefitted by 40% of Cost Reduction
  • Professional assistance for their security needs with convenience
  • Timely Reports & dashboard as an when required by the Bank
  • Audit Reports by Zicom & free upgrades
  • Complete transparency on reports & data security
  • This solution offers future scalability
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