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In the recent times, a lot of debates and discussions have been hovering around the safety and security for women, kids, senior citizens and even for the men of our society. With the rising number of crimes taking place each day, safekeeping has become one of the prime concerns of our nation. With technological progression, the nature of crimes too have changed and advanced forcing us to take stringent measures to curb them.

Lately, many mobile applications have been developed to help keep track of dear ones till they safely reach their destinations. Though these apps are easy to use, they are limited to just tracking and do not provide assistance in case of emergency or dangerous situations.

A need for location tracking of the user along with auto features to instigate a rescue operation gave way for a new App, ZIMAN which has been developed by one of the top electronic security companies of India. Zicom is into the business of Safety and Security since 1994 understands the need for fast and streamlined communication to begin a timely rescue operation.

Designed and developed in India, the exclusive mobile App, ‘ZIMAN’ functions as a PERSONAL BODY GUARD to every user. It has been crafted to offer powerful AI BASED SECURITY SERVICES and is super quick to response in panicky situations through our 24x7 ZIMAN COMMAND CENTRE (ZCC) handholds the user through emergencies while also facilitates MEDICAL AID, POLICE AND FIRE SERVICES to the rescue across India. One of the most well researched and constructed application available in the Indian market, ZIMAN has its USP based on COMMAND CENTRE SUPPORT in the STEALTH MODE during the times of distress.

In emergency, when the user activates or triggers ZIMAN on mobile by pressing the power button more than 2 times or by touching the logo on the screen. ZIMAN is also has VOICE ACTIVATED SOS SYSTEM powered by ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, just by speaking few keywords to activate an SOS followed by, an SMS that is sent to the user’s emergency contacts with the GPS location, notifying them about the need for help. In addition ZCC will receive an SOS alert, where fully trained ZIMAN Officers will swing into action to facilitate emergency response and rescue to the location.

The instant ZCC gets intimated, it first makes a call to the user to understand the intensity of the situation. If the user answers the call, ZCC agent talks to her or him and checks the status and if the user does not answer the call, the users mobile phone initiates ‘STEALTH MODE INTELLIGENCE INFORMATION GATHERING’, by gathering voice recording, snapshots from the front and rear camera and video recording which are stored in zcc servers.

The ZIMAN Officer analyzes this data to identify the emergency and intimates the law enforcement agencies like the POLICE, FIRE BRIGADE and the AMBULANCE service about the crisis, thereby initiating Response Management Services and sending quick help to the user.

ZIMAN also offers other value added service including GEO TAGGING OF SENIOR CITIZENS, KIDS AND PETS as well as suggests SECURITY TIPS & updated NATIONAL NEWS to spread awareness. The App ensures ROUND-THE-CLOCK SAFETY to children & adults & allows employers to track field employees using the ZIMAN App. It is especially useful for young girls who travel long distances for studies or work. For the pets, collars are designed to function with the App to help track their location.

As said, ‘Precaution is better than cure’, ZIMAN is a provision of which one must make use of to protect themselves as well as their family. It’s an ‘AI VIRTUAL EMERGENCY SAFETY SERVICE’ which not just provides 24x7x365 DAYS personal security but also ensures sending timely help to the user. Be cautious and remain safe!

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